About Me

I am a passionate software engineer and leader with over 20 years of experience. I build and inspire my teams to have shared ownership of the vision, process and product. Innovative products emerge through team communication, collaboration and focus.

I love building software and teams, my philosophy is “Work hard and be kind.”

Software development is all about balancing the pros and cons of different potential solutions to come up with an implementation optimized for the specific problem. No one person has all the answers, therefore it is crucial for a team to collaborate with inclusion and respect to achieve the best possible outcome. Successful development teams have a shared vision, are open to new ideas, and when they can’t get consensus they disagree and commit to move forward.

I believe in creating a culture of:

  • Honesty, Transparency and respect towards everyone
  • Inclusion and acceptance of all backgrounds and ideas
  • Shared ownership with individual accountability

My job as a manager:

  • Attract, retain and grow high performing individuals and teams
  • Set context, clarify goals, give and solicit direct feedback
  • Foster an environment of mutual trust and safety to speak candidly
  • Support my reports to help them be as successful as possible

More About Me

I love spending my free time outdoors with my wife and daughter. We especially love riding our bikes to the beach and hiking in the mountains. I’m a country boy at heart and enjoy spending time at my Family’s ranch in Northern California, working on and driving my 1973 International Harvester Scout.

I am passionate about renewable energy and I love to build indie games, mobile apps such as mojitxt – the emoji based chat game, and open source software.

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