About Me

A little about Matt Palmerlee


I grew up in Santa Rosa, California. In 2001 I graduated from CSUS (Sacramento) with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. After college I worked as an Oracle Database Programmer for Landor Associates in San Francisco. In 2003 I moved to Los Angeles and began working as a Software Engineer for Conversive, Incorporated until it was acquired in 2012. I now work as a Senior Director of Engineering for Maker Studios.


I enjoy spending time at Far View Ranch when I can and love the outdoors. When I’m indoors, I’m usually in front of a computer or hanging out with my beautiful wife Tammy (married 10/15/2011). I love building HTML5 games when I’m not at work developing software, and I’m currently working towards a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering to focus on my passion for the renewable energy field.

My Current Résumé (PDF version)

My Current Résumé (HTML version)

Conversive, Inc.

Landor Associates

Internet Task Management System (CSUS Senior Project)